About Beverley International
New Zealand Visa Assistance, Immigration and International Education Consultants

Beverley International was formally established January 2008. 

Our company specialises in immigration to New Zealand, but if required, we can provide assistance to other preferred locations. Aside from providing good immigration advice and acting in the best interest of our clients, we genuinely care about our clients and will do our best to ensure that their cases are dealt with as quickly as possible. 

Through our fully licensed Immigration Adviser, we provide specialised immigration services including:

Student Visa
Visitor Visa
Work Visa
Work Visa to Residence
Residence Visa
Business and Investor Visa
Assistance with appeals
Options to migrate to other countries
Guidance needed to make the move to another country

Why use Immigration Adviser:

It might seem easy to handle the application process yourself, but we have seen many instances where a small error ended up being a costly mistake for our clients. Visas could be declined due to one essential document being left out or a line completed incorrectly. Ask yourself if you are willing to risk going to an unlicensed Adviser that will sell you false promises at a cheap price and possibly ruin your chances of ever applying for another visa again. Many of these unlicensed Advisers do not know the rules and regulations. This can result in your pathway to immigration overseas being lost.

Extra services for Business Visa Clients

Beverley International works with various professional firms such as accounting, law, employment and financial services. With their support, we provide advice and services. Need a business plan, accounting and taxation advice, legal requirements, employment skills matching, or another financial requirements once you are in New Zealand? Contact us

Use a Licensed Advisor for New Zealand Immigration

Effective 4th May 2010: all agents providing New Zealand immigration advice either onshore or offshore were required by law to be licensed. No exceptions. Using a licensed adviser provides you greater protection and ensures that the person handling your immigration matter is qualified, competent and ethical. You can check the register of licensed New Zealand immigration consultants at the Immigration Advisers Authority website www.iaa.govt.nz

Fixed Fees, No Surprises

All fees are agreed upon prior to engagement. For some services the charge is carried by a third party with the only up-front payment required is the fee for the lodgment of your application to Immigration New Zealand.

Global Offices

Our offices are located in New Zealand and Sri Lanka.