New Zealand Business and Investor Visa
Visas are mandatory for working in New Zealand

Are you able to contribute to the economic growth of New Zealand? New Zealand wants you! The Business Visa is designed to attract 'smart' capital and business expertise to New Zealand, enabling experienced business people to buy or establish businesses in the country. Contact us for further guidance on which visa to apply for and how.

Experienced Business people may wish to work or gain residence in New Zealand. There are various categories that can be utilised subject to meeting the criteria. This is updated regularly by Immigration New Zealand.

Investor Category
Entrepreneur Category
Employee of a Relocating Business
Global Impact Visa


People who want to live in New Zealand and have funds to invest in a business can apply for residence under the Investor/Investor Plus categories, or apply for a Visitor Visa valid for up to two years under New Zealand Immigration’s Temporary Retirement Category. For more information about this category, please contact us.


Run your own business in New Zealand and you can obtain the Entrepreneur Work Visa. You can buy, invest or start up your own business. Most important is to demonstrate the benefits your business provides New Zealand. Once this business has been operating for 2 years (or 6 months if you meet extra conditions), you can apply for permanent residence. People already on a Long Term Business Visa (LTBV) can apply for residence under the Entrepreneur Residence Category.

Main requirements for an Entrepreneur Work Visa

In order to be approved for an Entrepreneur Work Visa, you must:

Make a minimum capital investment of NZ$100,000 if your business is in the science or ICT sectors, or shows a high level of innovation or export potential, this requirement may be waived
Meet or exceed 120 points on a scale that awards points for factors relating to the likely success of the proposed business and its value to New Zealand
Have a business plan specific to your proposed business
Not been involved in bankruptcy or business failure within the 5 years preceding the date your application is made
Not have been involved in business fraud or financial impropriety, and
Meet New Zealand Immigration health and character requirements for residence and English language requirements

Main requirements for an Entrepreneur Resident Visa

In order to be approved for an Entrepreneur Resident Visa, you must:

Employees of a relocating business

New Zealand is a country open to investment and new businesses. This Work Permit facilitates the granting of residence to employees of businesses relocating to New Zealand, who do not qualify for residence under any existing categories. 
For employees to be considered they must: 

Be a key employee of the relocating business 
Not qualify for residence under other residence categories
Be healthy and of good character
Meet a minimum standard of English
Agree to work in the business for the 24 months following its relocation to New Zealand

For a business to be approved for relocation:

The business will be successful and will trade profitably in New Zealand 
Industry New Zealand must confirm that it supports the relocation of the business
The business must operate within all relevant New Zealand employment and immigration laws

Once these Work Permit requirements have been met by the employee, they will be eligible for permanent residence.

Global Impact Visa

New Zealand has introduced a new category designed to bring innovative, global entrepreneurs to New Zealand. More information to follow in 2017.