Study in New Zealand
Looking to Study in a Foreign University, College or School ?

We're the right people to help you. We have helped over hundreds of international students, from grade school through university, who want to study abroad. We help with the entire process, from finding the right school to completing the admissions process to obtaining a student visa. But, it doesn't stop there, we are there for airport pick-up, accommodation arrangement and even part-time job assistance through our local contacts in New Zealand. Primarily our focus is on New Zealand, but we provide guidance to educational opportunities in other countries (i.e. Australia, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Europe and Singapore).

We can help you with a wide range of study opportunities, including state administered primary, secondary schools, universities, technology and polytechnics and private training institutions. All the schools we recommend are reputable.

The benefits of studying in new zealand

In New Zealand, the education system is world-class and a top choice for people seeking quality education. For one thing, the cost of studying in New Zealand is comparatively less than the cost of attending a college or university in other major locations, including the US, Canada, UK or Australia. There are eight universities in New Zealand. New Zealand's higher education system also has 16 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITP's), which offer vocational courses of many lengths and levels. ITPs provide professional and vocational education and training ranging from introductory studies to full degree programmes. Many also offer English language training and postgraduate study options, including Doctoral (PhD) degrees.

Beverley international is also a sri lankan based immigration consultancy firm

A licensed immigration consultant who travels regularly between Sri Lanka and New Zealand will understand you best. We have the only consultant in New Zealand who does this. Plus, our consultant has a full license from the Immigration Advisers Authority directly in New Zealand.

We make it easier to get a student visa – headache free. Our reputation in handling visa applications and settlement assistance is second to none. For more information, please Contact us.

we'll find you the right school

Our help is all on a one-on-one basis, specifically customized for each client. Students are matched with reliable and reputable colleges and universities in New Zealand, or in another country. The match is made based on your personal, academic and financial needs. Plus, we take into consideration your professional goals. Our guidance includes help with admissions, advice about financial aid, course selection, and in obtaining a student visa. 

Why us ?

Our visa success rate is high
We are Leading Immigration Advisers
Our head office is run by New Zealanders
We constantly keep up with the latest immigration changes
Our reputation
We understand you better because of our personal experience
We answer your calls 24/7 : on our office mobile +94 77 6929 773
We assist you until you get your residence visa
We offer accommodation and part time jobs assistance, if required

Study Abroad Programmes

Connect with a broad range of programmes ranging from school, foundation programmes, diploma and certificate courses to undergraduate degrees, graduate diplomas, postgraduate and PhD. Here are only a few popular courses of the many options: 

Audio and Film
Mechanics and other skilled trades
Business studies
Maritime Engineering
Hospitality Management
Professional Cookery
Early childhood


Students must be 6 years old (with a guardian) or older. Students can attend school from primary school to university with or without the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) certificate. Most diploma courses require the applicant to be 17 years or older. Entry requirements varies from school to university and it is best to consult us on the details.

Contact Us

Contact us for more information and guidance on studying from diploma to Doctorate level. Intake dates for diplomas vary, but most university courses start in February or July.